Sports-Deep Tissue Massage2
  1. Sport vs. Deep Tissue: We put these two therapies under one category as they use similar techniques, but by definition there is a slight difference between them. A deep tissue massage is pretty much what it says – firm pressure to manipulate deeper tissues in the body. Generally a deep tissue massage is done across the entire body to release tension. A sports massage on the other hand, focuses on specific target areas such as back or legs to help prevent or to recover from injuries.
  2. It’s for everyone: Anyone can benefit from this massage; from athletes (pre- & post event and maintenance), people with injuries (such sprains and muscle pain) or just for stress release (tension in the back and shoulders).
  3. Customised: During the treatment your therapist will use a combination of techniques to suit your individual requirements; including trigger point release, joint mobilisation and passive stretching such as soft tissue release and myofascial release.
  4. Benefits: includes increased blood circulation, release of stiffness and tension, detox, restores mobility and flexibility and increases recovery time.