Downloadable exercise routines for back pain, toning, posture & core

Is back, neck & shoulder pain leaving you with sleepless nights, feeling tired and stressed? Apart from regular massage therapy, diet and exercise plays a vital role in managing back pain. These exercise routines are specifically designed to stretch out tight muscles and muscle spasm, correct posture and strengthening of core and supporting muscles.

Clients regularly request exercises from us that they can do to assist with toning, strengthening of the core and most of all to assist with back and sciatica pain. Therefore we’ve created two custom exercise routines that you can now download for FREE! We’ve given step-by-step instructions with pictures and descriptions; and are suitable to both beginners and the more advanced. All you need is a yoga mat, some weights, 45 free minutes and you are set to go – at home, the gym or anywhere you choose.

Health and wellness is a journey and each small step you take moves you closer to your destination. Begin with each of the two exercise routines once a week, together with your regular massage and you will be well on your way in saying goodbye to those back problems!

Download Arms & Shoulders
Download Legs & Abs

We also have a custom designed eating plan for those that really want to go full out. Find out more and download the diet here.

These exercise routines will assist you with:

  • Building muscle by resistance (weight) training
  • Stretching out of all the muscles will help with spams and cramps
  • Strengthening of core muscles as a weak core is the source of many lower back problems
  • Posture correcting  – as many of us spend hours sitting, driving or behind computer that causes that nagging neck & shoulder pain.

Download Arms & Shoulders
Download Legs & Abs