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Key outcomes of this diet:

➢ This diet is an old one, but tried and tested. Unlike fashionable diets that come and go, we know this one works.
➢ The basis of this is diet is to speed up your body’s own metabolism in order to burn fat. This is done by eating 6 small meals a day, but keeping portions small to one cup size only.
➢ Don’t eat late at night and make your last meal before 20:00 PM.
➢ Unlike other diets that swing from one extreme (starving yourself) to another (high fat), we believe in a balanced approach that will create healthy eating habits and lifestyle.
➢ You have to exercise for optimal results – dieting alone will show results, but in order to be 100% effective, regular exercise is recommended.
➢ The scale is the enemy – don’t weigh yourself. Especially if you are partaking in weight resistant exercise, the increase in your muscle tissue (as muscle is heavier than fat) might actually show an increase in weight. What your rather need to do is to measure your body’s fat percentage.
➢ This diet can assist in fighting cellulite, please read below for more information.


Benefits of MassageThe dos & don’ts:

Fruit & veg: yes, we love these and they form the basis the diet.Proteins: are good! Protein is low GI and builds muscle rather than fat. Fish is the best, but lean beef, nuts and skinless chicken breast is fine.
Dairy: in moderation, this is a yes. Use Greek yogurt, fat free milk, low–fat yogurt and feta cheese.
Water: yes! And lots of it – 6 to 8 glasses a day.
Carbs: generally this falls in the ‘no’ category, but we believed some carbs are good for your body as they give us energy and help with maintaining steady blood sugar levels. Oats, potato and muesli can be good for you in moderation. Keep away from ALL gluten & white processed foods such as rice, white bread, pasta, etc.
Fat: the debate is ongoing in light of the ‘banting’ revolution. Generally this is a no – we believe protein is more important – but our diet does have some fat. These occur in avocados, Greek yogurt, nuts and naturally in lean meat.
Sugars: a big no to all processed sugars such as normal sugar, fizzy drinks, sweets and so forth. As this is a balanced diet, we believe some natural occurring sugars in moderation are good for you. These you can find in fruit and honey. Stay away from artificial sweeteners as well; these are chemicals and bad for your body.
Alcohol: sorry folks, this is a no! Alcohol in essence is sugar, so stay away from it.
Caffeine: especially in the beginning of the diet (week 1 and 2), no caffeine. But from week 3 you can have a maximum of 2 cups of coffee a day, with low-fat milk and no sugar (you can use your daily honey allowance as sweeter).


Important information for fighting cellulite


Did you know that the struggle with cellulite removal can become much easier with the addition of an anti-cellulite diet, like the Massage To Wellness Diet? Well, it’s 100% true. By eliminating certain foods from your diet, you can begin to see a huge difference in the quality of your skin — as pounds and pounds of cellulite will simply melt away.

Foods and Substances You Need To Stay Away From:

Alcohol: This toxin — don’t kid yourself, alcohol is in fact a toxin — has many negative effects on the liver, the body’s natural detoxifier. Because your liver is so important in removing harmful waste, the last thing you want is for it to lose its effectiveness, right? Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing whenever you consume large amounts of alcohol.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all the calories from alcohol are stored as fat, and this heavily contributes toward the body’s cellulite accumulation. A beer every once and awhile won’t kill you, but regular alcohol consumption must be put to an end in order to reduce cellulite.

Refined Foods & Common Food Additives: This is simple enough — stay away from junk food when on cellulite diets. Avoid products made with refined flour or sugar and/or anything that doesn’t look natural; meaning primarily snack foods. A good rule of thumb for your cellulite diet is to stay away from junk food completely.

Caffeine: Unless the caffeine is part of an anti-cellulite cream, don’t introduce it into body. Unlike the caffeine found in cellulite treatment creams, which generally stimulate blood flow and circulation, the caffeine found in coffee, soft drinks, and certain foods is harmful to your cellulite reducing efforts. Avoid it while on cellulite diets, plain & simple.

Saturated Fat: Unless it’s fatty fish or a type of fish oil, remove animal fats from your cellulite diet as far as possible.

Foods and Substances That Can Be Helpful With Cellulite Removal:

Lean Meats: Eating fish, poultry, and even steaks that are lean and high in protein. Be sure to cut off all the fat on your lean meats — except for the fish of course, that’s actually good for you and will help you to eliminate cellulite.

Fresh Produce: Like any good diet, you are going to want to eat lots of fruits and vegetables — with your daily meals and even in between meals. Brightly colour fruits and vegetables are extremely helpful because they are usually very high in antioxidants.

Water: Water is nature’s most powerful cleanser, and with it you can detoxify your body over time. To aid in your cellulite reduction goal, drink up to 2 liters of fresh, unpolluted water every day — this will help flush the toxins from your body.

Fat Free Dairy Products: Fat-free foods like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese can be very helpful when added to a well-balanced cellulite diet. This is because they contain essential amino acids for the body.

Lots of Fish: Fatty fish, such as salmon, is highly recommended for anti-cellulite diets. Fish contain many different oils that play a positive role when introduced into the body. A cellulite diet made up primarily of fatty fish will greatly help get rid of cellulite deposits.

Follow these helpful tips together with the Massage To Wellness diet and you will eliminate your body’s cellulite problem in no time.


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