Autumn Wellness Tips

Here are our top 5 wellness tips to help you on your wellness journey this autumn

  1. Boost your immune system – stock up on vitamins and supplements and increase fruit and vegetable intake to ensure your body stays healthy and fight infections.
  2. Eat seasonally – beets, broccoli, pumpkins & cabbage are popular during this season and is packed full of nutrients that your body needs. Stews, broths and soups are great meals for this time of year.
  3. Stay active – it is tempting to skip exercise when it is cold and rainy, but it is important to stay active. A good idea is to change your exercise routine during winter – make it new and exciting and do new things like talking afternoon walk before it gets cold.
  4. Rest & relax – you need to stay physically active, but autumn and winter are the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down and we can take this time to mentally reflect, meditate and to be inspired.
  5. Invest in your health – it is easy to get the blues during this gloomy season, so ensure you continue to invest in your health. Massage is a great way to relax and de-stress as it releases endorphins and lowers the blood pressure.

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