6 Reasons why Lymph Drainage massage should be on your New Year’s wellness routine

6 Reasons why Lymph Drainage Massage

Like most people you might’ve overindulged a little over the festive period and you’ve started the year vowing to be healthier and exercise more. Of course it is not a New Year’s resolution, because we all know those don’t work, right? But subconsciously we all want the same thing – to start the year off clean and fresh and shed both the mental and physical negative energies from the previous year. You might have made a conscious decision to follow a strict diet and exercise routine or you might just generally want to be healthier and happier. Regardless which route you are following, it is not going to happen by itself. You deliberately have to invest in the right things that will help bring about the desired result. Here are our 6 ways in how lymph drainage massage can help you during 2020.

  1. It is enjoyable: of all the massage modalities this one is probably the most enjoyable. It is a light, gentle massage with lots of health benefits. While diets and exercise can sometimes feel like you are depraving yourself of something, this massage feels like you are being rewarded!
  2. Detoxing: as this massage focuses on the lymph system, it helps with detoxing and water retention by flushing out trapped toxins and speeding up metabolism and circulation. This makes it a great tool to assist with weight loss and cellulite.
  3. Recovery: promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments/sprains, fighting infections and post-operative healing and swelling relief.
  4. Chronic conditions: assists in the long-term management of chronic conditions such as lymphedema, fibromyalgia, sinusitis, arthritis, acne and other skin conditions.
  5. Energise: helps fight chronic fatigue and sluggishness by flushing the system of toxins and bringing in healthy nutrients that will assist in making you feel more energised.
  6. Mental boost: one of the most important aspects of any massage is not just the physical, but the mental boost that it gives. This makes it a major tool to assist with stress release as massage releases a rush of endorphins (happy hormones) and decreasing the stress hormones. In fact, a massage has the same effect on the body as 7 or 8 hours of sleep!