Rescue your sinuses with a Sinus Drainage Massage

Are you battling with sinus problems especially with the start of spring? Chronic sinus can be a huge problem as that can lead to infections and headaches. Our Sinus Drainage Massage is a great drug-free alternative to help assist with sinusitis and nasal blockages.

Working on the lymph system surrounding the nasal cavities and face, a Sinus Drainage Massage helps to flush out the build-up fluids and to clear blockages. Infection breeds on these fluids so it is important to drain them out. We use only natural and organic essential oils during this treatment such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary. These essential oils help to decongest, soothes and fight bacteria and viruses.

You can also combine your Sinus Drainage Massage with a local Cryotherapy session for maximum results. Cryotherapy is a great tool to assist with inflammation associated with sinusitis.