Annual Price Adjustment – Valid From 1 March 2018

For the new year we have adjusted our pricing into two main price brackets R570 and R500 – with the good news that our upper end rate has no increase for this year! The major change that will occur with our pricing is that we will now charge per massage therapy and not per massage therapist. For example, if you book a Sports Massage the rate will be the same (R570) regardless of which therapist you book with.

The two price brackets are as follows:

R570 – for 60 min
Sports/Deep Tissue

R500 – for 60 min
Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymph Drainage,
Reflexology, Hot Stone, Pregnancy,
Focus Area (Back or Legs)

Massage Packages

As always we will be offering massage packages where if you buy in bulk you save money!
Massage Package (R570)
4 x Massages for R1990! Save R290!
3 x Massages for only R1560! Save R150!
2 x Massages for only R1070! Save R70!
Massage Package (R500)
4 x Massages for R1760! Save R240!
3 x Massages for only R1365! Save R135!
2 x Massages for only R950! Save R50!

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